Here is information you should know with how bariatric surgery changes your body

How Bariatric Surgery Changes Your Hunger, Metabolism And Even Your Tastes For Certain Foods

There are several types of weight-loss surgery, or bariatric surgery, including gastric sleeve (sleeve gastrectomy), gastric bypass, and duodenal switch surgery. In addition to making your stomach smaller or restricting the amount of food that enters your stomach, bariatric surgery changes your body in a number of ways.

The more you learn about the different ways that bariatric surgery changes your body, both in helping get rid of excess weight and improving your quality of life, the more confident you can be in making the decision.

How Bariatric Surgery Reduces Your Appetite

Many people presume that by having surgery to remove part of their stomach, they will automatically feel less hungry. While that’s true to an extent, certain forms of bariatric procedures, including gastric sleeve surgery, also helps to reduce your appetite by lowering your production of hunger-causing hormones.

The part of your stomach removed in a gastric sleeve procedure includes a large part of the stomach that produces ghrelin, which is the hormone that regulates your appetite and triggers your feelings of hunger.

How Bariatric Surgery Affects Your Metabolism

One of the least appreciated benefits of bariatric surgery is its effect on the metabolism of people with obesity. Excess weight and obesity can increase insulin resistance, inflammation and cell oxidation, all of which can negatively affect your energy levels and fat metabolism. So a positive side effect of weight reduction due to bariatric surgery is the improvement in your metabolism, which further helps you to lose weight.

How Bariatric Surgery Helps Improve Your Diet

Another positive side-effect of bariatric surgery reported by participants in a number of studies is a change in the taste and even smell of certain foods following the procedure. As many as 97% of participants in one study reported at least one of the effects, which include an increased sensitivity to eating and drinking sweet, sour and/or fatty foods and beverages.

The heightened sensitivity reduces your cravings for fast foods and sweet, high-carbohydrate foods and drinks. The same sorts of foods and drinks that are most often linked to weight gain.

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