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Gastric Sleeve Weight-Loss Surgery by Dr. Scott B. Gmora MD, FRCSC, FACS

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He is AMAZING! Saved my life, I am grateful everyday for what he did.

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The Sleeve Clinic offers a top tier, boutique approach to Bariatric Surgery with an extremely high level of surgical expertise and care

Exceptional Outcomes Begin with Exceptional Care

The Sleeve Clinic is a labour of love; my opportunity to completely reinvent how weight loss surgical care is delivered. I wanted to create a BOUTIQUE BARIATRIC EXPERIENCE where:

  • Every single patient receives unparalleled one-on-one attention
  • Patients receive an extremely high level of surgical expertise and care
  • You never feel rushed
  • No one falls through the cracks
  • You feel connected and well cared for
Megan M

Megan M

Total weight lost

80 lbs
Amanda M

Amanda M

Total weight lost

Amy M

Amy M

Total weight lost

161 lbs
Garret B

Garret B

Total weight lost

145 lbs
Nina P

Nina P

Total weight lost

150 lbs
Tammy S

Tammy S

Total weight lost

168 lbs
Lisa T

Lisa T

Total weight lost

190 lbs
Nicole B

Nicole B

Total weight lost

135 lbs

Results may vary

Why Choose Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve is the most popular weight-loss operation worldwide. You get excellent long-term weight-loss results, it takes less than an hour to complete and recovery times are fast.

  1. You feel full and satisfied after eating less
  2. Appetite and cravings are substantially diminished due to fewer hunger-causing hormones
  3. Dramatic improvement or complete resolution of most weight-related medical conditions
How it Works

Aftercare, Reimagined

Masterfully performed surgery is just the beginning of your weight-loss journey. Incredible aftercare is critical for long-term success.

ONE-ON-ONE Attention

The secret ingredient to our outstanding weight loss results is the care we provide each and every patient.

Virtual Tools to Keep
You On Track

Once surgery is complete, we never let you out of our sight! Our use of online video meetings ensures you stay on track.

Surgeon-Led Patient Care

Every element of your care across the entire program is personally overseen by Dr. Gmora.

Expert Nutrition Counselling

Your personal nutritional requirements are closely monitored by our incredible team of nutrition experts.

Extensive Pre- &
Post-Operative Care

You get 5 years of extensive access to the advice and guidance of our entire weight loss team.

Top Rated Bariatric Surgeon

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“I’ve seen first hand the profound life-transforming effects of gastric sleeve surgery on thousands of people.”

  • Associate Professor of Surgery, McMaster University
  • Full-time bariatric surgeon at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hospital – 1 of 7 Provincially-designated “Bariatric Centres of Excellence”
  • Has performed thousands of advanced bariatric procedures
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, he listens first, talks second
Meet Dr. Gmora

How the Sleeve Clinic is Different

Quite simply, we’re good at what we do. Very good. We take each and every patient’s success extremely personally. You will never be some anonymous patient that falls between the cracks.


Boutique Bariatric Experience

A top tier, boutique approach to bariatric surgery


Unparalleled one-on-one attention

One-on-one attention and care from an expert team of bariatric and nutrition specialists.


Our 5-Year Aftercare Program

A leading-edge and highly innovative “Aftercare” Program to ensure your weight stays off permanently.


You Matter

Direct, personal involvement by Dr Gmora throughout your entire surgical journey.

How Much Weight Can You Expect to Lose?

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can expect after gastric sleeve surgery.

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