Gastric Sleeve Surgery Post-Operative Care Reimagined

At the Sleeve Clinic, we know that your ultimate success depends on 2 equally important factors.
It’s only when BOTH of these elements are in place that you can expect to achieve permanent weight-loss success.


Ensuring a perfectly constructed gastric sleeve at the time of surgery


Providing patients with an outstanding Gastric sleeve follow-up and Aftercare Program to keep them on track for the rest of their lives.

Leading-Edge Gastric Sleeve Aftercare Program

It’s an individualized plan that brings together all the elements you need to enjoy permanent weight-loss success.

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Unparalleled ONE-ON-ONE Attention

The secret ingredient to our outstanding weight-loss results is the unparalleled one-on-one attention and Emotional support after bariatric surgery that we provide to each and every patient in our practice.


Virtual Tools to Keep You On Track

Once surgery is complete, we never let you out of our sight! In addition to direct, in-person visits with our clinical team, our use of virtual check-ins (online video meetings & SMS messaging) and virtual weight monitoring ensure you stay on-track with Lifestyle changes after bariatric surgery throughout the program and beyond.


Surgeon-Led Patient Care

Dr. Gmora personally leads your customized post-operative aftercare program. Every element of your care across the entire program is personally overseen by Dr. Gmora


Expert Nutrition Counselling

Guidance from our incredible team of nutrition experts ensures that your personal nutritional requirements and Dietary changes after gastric sleeve are closely monitored to maximize your energy, strength and health throughout the program.


Extensive Pre & Post-Operative Care

It’s a complete continuum of care. You get 5 years of extensive access to the advice and assistance of your weight-loss team, including Dr. Gmora, our dietitians and support staff at one of the best gastric sleeve weight loss clinic in Mississauga.

No Extra Charge

It’s All Included! Your 5-Year Aftercare Program is included as part of your gastric sleeve surgery. That’s it. No extra costs. No hidden fees. No unpleasant surprises

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