Will I still be able to eat the foods that I love?

Last Updated on October 18, 2023

Patients considering bariatric surgery are often worried that they’ll no longer be able to eat the foods they once loved. For me, this is a really interesting concern to address, because it’s difficult to explain to patients that following their procedure, they may no longer love and crave these foods in the same way they once did.

Here’s the thing: many of my patients are food addicts, which means that prior to surgery when they eat the foods they love—whether it’s pizza or chocolate cake—it’s akin to an alcoholic taking a drink, or a gambling addict hitting the slots. They find these foods irresistible and they experience a “high” when eating them. So, it makes sense that they’re worried they’ll never be able to feel this way again; but that’s not what happens.

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Bariatric sleeve surgery is more than a weight loss operation, it’s a hormone operation. When we remove a portion of your stomach, not only are we reducing your stomach size by about 80%, we’re also reducing the number of hunger-causing hormones your body produces. As a result, your appetite and cravings are substantially diminished.

Following surgery my patients often report not experiencing the same urge to eat the foods they once insatiably craved. It’s not because they’re full, or because they’re feeling nauseous, they simply don’t want to. I’ve heard it compared to being offered a piece of broccoli. Could you eat it? Sure! But are you craving it uncontrollably? Probably not.

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Now, I’m not saying you’ll never enjoy a piece of chocolate cake again. Chocolate cake (or your favourite food of choice) will still taste good, but the thought of eating it won’t become an obsession in the same way that it might if you were on a diet. You’ll be able to have a bite or two, enjoy it, and feel satisfied. I know that might be hard to imagine now, but it happens every single time.

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