How does gastric sleeve compare to gastric bypass?

How does gastric sleeve compare to gastric bypass?

The gastric sleeve and gastric bypass are both effective surgical weight loss procedures, but they differ in approach and outcomes and overall impact on your body. 

The gastric sleeve procedure is straightforward—it involves removing the stretchy part of the stomach to form a smaller, tube-like shape. This reduction in stomach size helps limit your food intake and helps you feel full sooner. Additionally, the procedure leads to a decrease in the production of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger, which helps in reducing appetite and cravings.  Importantly, the gastric sleeve does not alter the digestive tract, maintaining a more natural flow of food.

In contrast, gastric bypass is a more complex procedure that not only reduces stomach size but also involves modifying the digestive system by cutting, rearranging, and reattaching the intestines to a newly created stomach pouch. This alteration results in decreased food intake and may significantly impact the absorption of micronutrients.

Each procedure has distinct advantages and potential drawbacks. The choice between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass typically depends on individual health profiles.

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