find out some misconceptions of bariatric surgery

4 Misconceptions of Bariatric Surgery

Like just about everything to do with losing weight and your weight-loss journey, misconceptions of bariatric surgery abound. Sometimes called weight-loss surgery or bariatric surgery, the misconceptions that surround this procedure can sometimes prevent people from choosing the most effective intervention available for long-term weight loss.

The Misconceptions of Bariatric Surgery

Don’t let these or other misconceptions stop you from enjoying a healthier life at a lower weight.

  1. You Must Be Extremely Obese To Qualify For Surgery
    The truth is that the health benefits of bariatric surgery, including the reduced risk of heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes, in addition to weight loss, can benefit patients who don’t seem “morbidly obese”.
  2. You’ll Eventually Regain the Weight You Lost Due to the Surgery
    The truth is that your best option for long-term weight loss is bariatric surgery. The vast majority of patients who follow their aftercare program are successful at maintaining their weight loss for the rest of their lives.
  3. You’re Going to Feel Hungry All the Time
    There’s a very straight-forward reason why this one isn’t true. Bariatric surgery, especially gastric sleeve surgery, or a sleeve gastrectomy, reduces the amount of ghrelin produced by your stomach. Ghrelin is the hormone in your body responsible for increasing your appetite when it’s time to eat. The reduction in ghrelin production means fewer hunger pangs after bariatric surgery.
  4. It Doesn’t Matter Which Bariatric Surgery Clinic You Choose
    Here’s another one where the truth is the exact opposite of the misconception. After choosing to get it done, the most important decision you can make about bariatric surgery is which clinic and surgeon will perform the procedure.

    In addition to the aftercare program, the effectiveness of which determines how easy it is to recover and the benefits you enjoy, you should choose a clinic where the surgeon has significant experience and expertise in the surgical procedure you opt for. If you can’t speak to the surgeon who will perform your surgery and learn more about his or her background and credentials, then you should consider another clinic.

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