vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery

Post-Bariatric Surgery Vitamins Requirements – Why & How Long

Wondering if you need to take Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery?

Yes, vitamins and supplements are necessary after surgery. Since you’ll be eating less, it’s important to ensure you’re still getting all the essential micronutrients. Think of it as an insurance policy for your health. The regimen is quite straightforward—most patients take a bariatric multivitamin in the morning and two or three calcium chews with vitamin D in the afternoon. It’s really no big deal and easy to manage. Here’s a quick snapshot of the vitamins typically recommended post-surgery:

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    What vitamins should I take after gastric sleeve surgery

    List Of post gastric sleeve vitamins –
    Vitamin/Mineral Purpose Common Forms
    Multivitamin Covers overall nutrient needs Capsule, chewable, liquid
    Vitamin B12 Prevents nerve damage and supports blood cell Injection, oral, sublingual
    Vitamin D Essential for bone health and immune function Capsule, liquid
    Iron Prevents anemia Tablet, capsule
    Calcium Strengthens bones and teeth Chewable, tablet, capsule

    It’s important to follow a healthcare provider’s recommendations regarding specific types and amounts of supplements, as needs can vary based on the individual and the type of bariatric surgery performed. Regular monitoring of vitamin and mineral levels through blood tests is also crucial to adjust supplementation as needed and ensure overall health.

    Let’s dive in,

    Successful bariatric surgery is your first step towards living life at a healthier weight. But it’s just the start. Your surgery must be followed up by a comprehensive post-operative aftercare program to ensure that you remain of the path to healthy, permanent weight loss.

    This includes making vitamins and minerals after bariatric surgery a critical part of your daily routine for the rest of your life to ensure your body gets the nutrition it needs for a healthy lifestyle. 

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    Why You Need to Take Vitamins After Bariatric Surgery

    Before bariatric surgery, you generally get all of the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. But bariatric surgical procedures reduce the amount of food, and the nutrients it contains, that your body can consume.  

    In the case of gastric sleeve surgery, your stomach is reduced in size by about 70%, or less than one-third of its original size. The surgery can also impact how some of the vitamins and minerals get absorbed into your body. Vitamin supplements make up for the nutrients your body can’t get from diet alone.

    But not just any vitamin supplements will do. Regular supplements are formulated to address the needs of the general population. But, as a bariatric surgery patient, your body needs higher levels of nutrients than what you can get from many regular vitamin supplements. 

    Without getting the vitamins you need, in sufficiently high quantities, you run the risk of suffering vitamin and nutritional deficiencies, both of which can complicate your recovery from surgery. 

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    That said, it is critical for you to follow the advice of your gastric sleeve surgeon regarding the vitamin supplements you should take after surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe a course of vitamins according to your personal requirements. 

    To learn more about bariatric surgery, read our article “4 Misconceptions of Bariatric Surgery”.

    How long to take vitamins after bariatric surgery?

    After bariatric surgery, it is typically recommended to take vitamins and supplements for life to prevent deficiencies.

    This includes daily multivitamins, calcium with vitamin D, vitamin B12, and iron.

    The specific regimen can vary based on the type of surgery and individual needs, so it is essential to follow your healthcare provider’s recommendations and undergo regular blood tests to monitor nutrient levels.

    When do you start taking vitamins after bariatric surgery

    Vitamins and supplements should typically be started immediately after bariatric surgery, often within the first week post-surgery.

    The exact timing and specific regimen should be guided by your healthcare provider, tailored to the type of bariatric surgery and your individual nutritional needs.

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    Initial supplements usually include a complete multivitamin, calcium with vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B12.

    Regular follow-ups and blood tests are essential to adjust the supplementation plan as needed to ensure optimal health and prevent deficiencies.

    Post-Gastric Sleeve Vitamin – FAQS

    1. When should I start taking vitamins after bariatric surgery?
      • “Vitamins should typically be started within the first week post-surgery, as directed by your healthcare provider.”
    2. Which vitamins are essential after bariatric surgery?
      • “Essential vitamins include a complete multivitamin, calcium with vitamin D, iron, and vitamin B12.”
    3. How long should I continue taking vitamins after bariatric surgery?
      • “You should take vitamins and supplements for life to prevent deficiencies and maintain health.”
    4. Can I adjust my vitamin regimen after bariatric surgery?
      • “Yes, your vitamin regimen may be adjusted based on regular blood tests and your healthcare provider’s recommendations.”
    5. Why are vitamins necessary after bariatric surgery?
      • “Vitamins are crucial to prevent nutrient deficiencies due to reduced food intake and absorption changes after surgery.”

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