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A Weight Loss Surgeon who’s had Weight Loss Surgery

Dr. Gmora has a unique connection with his patients, having had sleeve surgery himself. Watch how his experience with his own weight loss surgery changed how he cares for his patients.


5 Reasons to Choose The Sleeve Clinic

1 Care by a Surgeon Who’s Been Sleeved

Dr. Gmora, our lead surgeon, has personally undergone gastric sleeve surgery. His firsthand experience informs his compassionate approach, ensuring you’re understood and supported throughout your weight loss journey in Saskatoon.

2 Receive Canada’s Best Bariatric Care

Experience transformative care with Dr. Gmora, a leading bariatric surgeon serving saskatoon SK. Specializing exclusively in weight loss solutions, we offer unparalleled results that go beyond mere promises.

3 No Regains, Just Lifelong Results

Say goodbye to the fear of weight regain with our innovative 5-year aftercare program. Benefit from expert coaching, virtual consultations, and a commitment to your lifelong success.

4 Find Your Tribe In Our Community

Join our exclusive patient community for ongoing support and empowerment. Benefit from valuable tips, celebrate non-scale victories, and never feel alone on your weight loss journey.

5 Always Connected, Always Cared For

Whether you opt for virtual or in-clinic consultations for gastric sleeve weight loss surgery in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, we treat you like family. Our state-of-the-art virtual weigh-ins are synced directly to our system, allowing us to monitor your progress closely.


Watch Kristina’s journey to losing 119 lbs with The Sleeve Clinic


30 | 119 LBS LOST

Kristina was tired of spending thousands of dollars on diets, skinny teas and personal trainers and still not seeing any sustainable results. “I wanted to be able to walk up a set of stairs and not be out of breath. I wanted a higher quality of life – and I can definitely say I have that now.”


Expertise Matters

As two of the leading weight loss surgeons in Canada, Dr. Gmora and Dr. Boudreau have performed thousands of advanced bariatric procedures with an impeccable safety track record.

Importantly, they both are dedicated to listening first, and talking second in their patient-centred approach to care.

Dr. Scott Gmora


Meet Dr. Scott Gmora, founder of The Sleeve Clinic and Canada’s #1 Bariatric Surgeon:
➤ 1 of the highest rated double board-certified bariatric surgeons
Thousands of advanced bariatric procedures performed at the lead Bariatric Centre of Excellence in Ontario – St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
Professor of Surgery at McMaster University Dr. Gmora, who has had sleeve surgery himself is known for his compassion, expertise and patient-centred approach to care.

Dr. Vanessa Boudreau


Dr. Vanessa Boudreau has been working alongside Dr. Gmora for years, both as the Director of the Bariatric Clinic at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, as well as an Associate Professor of Surgery at McMaster University.

She heads the fellowship training program at McMaster that develops future weight loss surgeons.

Why the Sleeve Clinic?


Learn why Dr. Scott Gmora, a bariatric surgeon who’s had bariatric surgery himself, set out to create the perfect experience designed to support the personal long-term success of each of his patients.


Done with Dieting? Win the Weight Battle Once and for All

Gastric Sleeve Surgery is the most successful and popular weight-loss operation world-wide and it’s about more than losing weight. It dramatically improves your health, wellness and quality of life.

You feel full and satisfied after eating less, your appetite and cravings are substantially diminished, and you experience a dramatic improvement or complete resolution of most weight-related medical conditions.

Sleeve surgery takes less than an hour to complete and recovery times are fast.


Successful surgery is just the start



The secret ingredient to the sustainable success our patients enjoy is the hyper-personalised, emotional and expert support we provide each and every patient in our practice.


Dive into bespoke nutrition advice from our top-tier dieticians. Enjoy balanced meals, eating out and a new bond with food, all tailored to a plan just for you!


We never let you out of our sight! In addition to in-person visits with our clinical team, you’ll take part in virtual check-ins, support groups and virtual weight monitoring to ensure you stay on track.


Your Path to Transformation: Join the Sleeve Clinic Journey

The steps to sleeve success: From your initial consultation to years post-operation, we take care of you every step of the way.


Speak with our program advisor for a relaxed, no-obligation discussion about The Sleeve Clinic, sleeve surgery and your eligibility. Ask any questions you’d like!



Meet directly with Dr. Gmora or Dr. Boudreau. Confirm your eligibility, what your pre-surgical care plan will look like and get all your questions answered!



Choose your desired surgery date, gear up for surgery and collaborate with our dietician team to ensure the best results. This is where the count-down begins!



Plan to arrive 1 day before your operation so you can get settled into your hotel and the necessary pre-operation check-ins can happen with Dr. Gmora.



Your surgery is laparoscopic and will take less than 60 minutes, including anesthesia.



You will attend The Sleeve Clinic on day 1 and day 2 post-op to check in with Dr. Gmora and the team. Plan to stay 3 nights after surgery.


Return Home

Once you are cleared to travel, you will head home to continue healing. Dr. Gmora and the Sleeve Clinic team will be available to you around the clock.



Once surgery is completed we never let you out of your sight! Through virtual appointments, support groups and weight monitoring we ensure you stay on track regardless of where you live.

Personal stories,


A dose of inspiration when you need it

In the clinic, on social media and during our virtual calls, our patients regularly share their success stories with us. See what our patients are sharing.

Jordan Manalo

“After years and years of failed diets and fads, I made the choice to have a VSG done in 2020. The sleeve clinic was the clear choice. Fast forward 3 years later, not only have I lost over 140lbs, but I’ve adopted a more active lifestyle and higher energy levels, and I’m truly enjoying my new positive outlook on life. If you’re reading this and contemplating, should I/shouldn’t I–Stop. And just DO!”


Wendy Stainethorpe

“I looked at a few other clinics but I felt a genuine connection listening to Dr. Gmora’s videos. He was authentic, honest and disclosed his own weight loss journey. When I spoke to him in person he was the exact same. I’m a RN and trust me those qualities are rare.”


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the success rate of gastric sleeve surgery?

    Gastric sleeve surgery is currently the most effective and sustainable treatment option for weight loss, helping over 85% of patients lose and keep off most of their excess weight, according to research studies such as the National Institutes of Health study

  • How long does gastric sleeve last?

    Your sleeve will last the rest of your life. Since we remove the stretchy portion of the stomach, the procedure cannot be reversed. In unusual circumstances we can convert it to a gastric bypass or duodenal switch, but this is rarely necessary. Read on for more information

  • How long does the actual operation take to perform?

    For most patients, once they are asleep, the procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

  • Will I be completely asleep during the procedure?

    Yes. An expert, board-certified anesthesiologist will be present to ensure you are completely asleep for the entire duration of the procedure. 

  • How quickly can I get this surgery done?

    It typically takes 2-4 weeks from the time of your first consultation. It is critical that we properly prepare you prior to surgery. This means having a thorough medical assessment to make sure you are medically fit for surgery. It also means teaching you what to expect after surgery and how to manage your new stomach once surgery is completed so that your weight loss is permanent.

  • Will weight loss surgery improve my other medical conditions?

    Weight loss surgery will often completely cure or significantly improve virtually every obesity-related disease. This includes: high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, coronary artery disease, infertility, polycystic ovarian syndrome, osteoarthritis, and urinary stress incontinence to name a few!

  • Is surgery the “easy way out?”

    Nothing could be further from the truth. Taking responsibility for your own health with weight loss surgery is very hard work! Not an “easy way out”. From the preoperative preparation to the changes you make in your post-operation lifestyle you are taking your health into your own hands and making the necessary choices to live a healthy lifestyle. 

  • Will I have scars after the surgery?

    The surgery is performed laparoscopically and typically involves 5 tiny incisions. Four of these incisions are about 5mm (the width of a pea). One of the incisions is approximately 15mm (less than the width of a loonie). 

  • After I lose weight, will I have excess skin?

    Some, but not all patients, may have excess skin after surgery. Whether this occurs depends on a host of factors, including, the patient’s weight prior to surgery, the amount of excess weight loss, the patient’s age and genetics. For patients with concerns of excess skin, plastic surgery after the gastric sleeve can be a highly effective option. We typically recommend that patients wait 12-18 months from their surgery to ensure that their weight has stabilized.

  • How long will I be in the clinic?

    Patients are monitored for about 24 hours after surgery. 

  • How much time do I need to take off work?

    Most patients are back to their “normal selves” in about a week or less (similar to gallbladder surgery). However, if possible, we suggest patients take 2-4 weeks off from work to focus on adjusting to their new stomach and lifestyle. 

  • Will I be able to dine at restaurants with family and friends?

    Dining out is often the focal point of many social events. This habit won’t change much after you have weight loss surgery, but your portion sizes definitely will. Whether you are going to a big chain restaurant or stopping at a convenience store for a snack, eating out after bariatric surgery is certainly possible as long as you continue to focus on making healthy choices to ensure that you are meeting your daily protein goal. Remember, now that you’ve had bariatric surgery, it may be helpful to try to share a meal with a friend, ask for a box ahead of time, or order off the kids menu to help you to watch portion sizes.

  • Is the gastric sleeve covered by OHIP?

    This is an extremely important question. The Sleeve Clinic is a private, boutique bariatric surgery clinic specializing in gastric sleeve surgery. As such, the procedure with The Sleeve Clinic is not covered by OHIP. The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) does cover a different procedure, called: “gastric bypass” in patients with a BMI >40 or BMI>35 with specific obesity-related health conditions. The MOHLTC will only cover a gastric sleeve if:

    1) there is severe scar tissue from a previous surgery that prevents surgeons from performing a gastric bypass
    2) the patient has a BMI>60 and/or
    3) the patient has certain pre-existing medical conditions that make a gastric bypass excessively risky (e.g., ulcerative colitis, chronic steroid use, etc.).

    For more information, please read our guide on “What To Know Before Undergoing Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

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“The biggest regret my patients have is not doing this sooner. For most of them diet optimism – really believing the next diet will work – is what holds them back. The relief they experience after surgery is something they wish they could have experienced sooner.”

– Dr. Scott Gmora